[30 Min Live Discussion with Experts] on Building Resilience: your own and your workplace's; 3:30 to 4:00PM, July 29th, 2022

Refer the answers in question 1 and 2.

What is resilient training at the workplace and why is it important now more than ever?

2 Lessons (a) Pandemic and it’s impact on business, professional life and new way of work and world of work

(b) To ensure that one if not backdated, hence it is important to Re-skill, learn new skill and upgrade the skills.

What are the personal benefits of resilience training?

  1. Contingent plan
  2. Building a sustainable workforce
  3. Mentally strong workforce
  4. People read to work in multi-facet environment
  5. Higher and grater adaptability
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How does resilience help in improving organizational culture and values?

Question : How does resilience help in improving organizational culture and values?
Answers : It is directly proportional to the culture of growth mind set of the organization and been resilient helps to achieve the same, considering all distractions, failures, learning from failures, nurture of human capital, employee engagement and development for tomorrow, realize that what is working fine today, may not work good tomorrow, what bought us here, will not take us there.

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How does resilience help in employee performance?

It definitely helps as the productivity level and performance of an employee will be high and also there will be new learning and he shall not push him to work :slight_smile:

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What strategies can the company adopt to improve and increase resilience at work?

1st is an organization with People Process and Technology in place
2nd Governance mechanism on the same like reviews etc.
3rd Investment in tech for today and tomorrow
4th Balance of the short term and long term Organization goals
5th Diversity hiring

How can employees build resilience in hard times and how can the company support them?

6th Programs like MDP’s, NAPS, Cross Functional work opportunity. Transfers from one department to another etc.

How do you measure resilience at the workplace?

Identify the Re-skilling, Up-skilling areas and put a plan for the same, plan should have milestones and take help of organization to build the same.

Furthermore, focus on the balancing part of IC’s Vs TL’s, Short term goals Vs Long Term Goals, measure deviations with respect to time, reason and cause of deviation, build sustenance plan to not make same mistakes.

My pleasure and I must admit the questions were interesting and my last word, always remember - It is a sum total of People, Process and Technology on part of the organization and skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling on part of the employee

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Thank you so much Mr. Sudeep Kumar Sen ( especially extending to address so many user queries after the scheduled session time) You are awesome!

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