[30 Min Live Discussion with Experts] on Building Resilience: your own and your workplace's; 3:30 to 4:00PM, July 29th, 2022

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It gives us immense pleasure to announce our next Greytribe live session, being conducted on July 29th, Friday at 3:30pm to 4:00pm.

This time, it will be an exclusive 30 minutes of LIVE discussion thread with Expert Mr. Sudeep Kumar Sen, Vice President at Gi Group India on the topic ‘Building resilience: your own and your workplace’s’.

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Join the upcoming Greytribe live session on 'Building resilience: your own and your workplace’s’ and get all your queries answered by our expert Mr. Sudeep Kumar Sen tomorrow at 3:30pm to 4:00pm.

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Let’s welcome todays expert panel Mr. Sudeep Kumar Sen. :bouquet: :bouquet:

Mr. Sudeep Kumar Sen, Vice President at Gi Group India. !

With more than two decades of experience, Mr. Sudeep specializes in sales force planning, hiring, training, productivity matrix development and implementation. His passion for scale and innovative thinking has contributed to the remarkable growth of several large business conglomerates. He is a well known speaker and a frequent contributor to prominent HR journals.

We are thankful by his accepting to be part of this brief session to share his thoughts and knowledge.

We humbly welcome you to the session!

We also open the session for questions after this post.

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What is resilience at the workplace?

Thanks to all of you, I am priviledged to be part of this wonderful and interesting session.


Resilience at workplace refers to a Culture built upon combination of People, Process, Technology which can last for years, strong governance mechanism.

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Also culture of growth mindset

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What are the components of resilience?

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  1. Knowledge : Business Goals (Including plan A, B, C)
  2. Multi layered leadership teams
  3. Happy employees
  4. Spend with thought of frugality
  5. Innovative technology team
  6. Equally strong Sales and Service delivery team
  7. Happy Employees
  8. Transparent and fair employee performance mechanism
  9. Growth mindset staff
  10. Policies to ensure balance of long term and short org goals

How does resilience impact the workplace?

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When work or workplace is impacted with unforeseen situations, the resilient character of stepping up as leaders, disaster recovery. Innovation, ability to turn around things, give opportunity to hear to the ideas of the least denominator individual employee.


Why is resilience at the workplace important?

How will organizations survive the test of time otherwise? Every organizations need to have a contingent plan, resilience is a subset of the same, it should be like a layer of stratosphere which covers the aspects of people, process, technology.

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What are examples of resilience at the workplace?

  1. Management Development Programs (MDP’s)
  2. Succession plan
  3. Campus Hires - Talent for tomorrow
  4. NAPS as a program (Trainees to Managers, fast track career program)
  5. Identify individuals who wish to be IC’s Vs Team Leads and give them learning exposure internally and externally.

How to be resilient at work in the post pandemic world?

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Well Pandemic is the highest or largest tution/learning fees we have ever paid. What have we learnt from it, enhancement of technology, usage of digital tool, digitalization, digitization. Build teams who can do multi tasking and also do cross functional work (atleast to the base level).

How to build your own resilience?

Inputs : Skilling, reskilling and upskilling

How to build a resilient workforce? - From a leader’s perspective