Basic Pay

Dear Team

Please let me know if the basic pay is increased from 40% to 50% in the new wages act for TamilNadu and is it effective from July 1st 22

Also while calculating gratuity will the basic pay change now from 40 to 50% ?

Hi Kavitha

This is correct. The basic pay must be 50% not less than that. Also, the gratuity payment & PF will get revised accordingly.

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Hi Kavitha,

I want to subscribe the automatic payslip plan. To whom i should approach please suggest.

@Savithri Can you please specify automatic payslip plan - Are you looking at emailing payslips to all employees?

As per my knowledge the new wage codes have not been implemented yet. Please give update here.

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yes, new wage codes have not been implemented.

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Can someone please share the new Wages Act for Tamil Nadu regarding the Basic Pay to increase from 40% to 50%. And if it is not yet come into effect, when is it expected to be effected?