Beyond the Click The Blueprint for Designing Your Own Website

By choosing it you will therefore not have to proceed with the prior registration of the web domain. Once you have decided on the name of your site, you proceed with the installation of the CMS , you choose the graphic theme to use and you can begin to create the contents , which can also be managed by multiple users. It is possible to create drafts, to subject everything to a final review.

Finally, we proceed with the online publication of the created pages which will come to life by typing the chosen domain name. How to create a blog with WordPress On a practical level, to create a blog with WordPress the procedure is identical to the one we have just described for creating a website. On a technical level, in fact, there is no difference, it’s just a matter of creating another type of site that differs from the first especially in terms of some stylistic features. A blog, in fact, can be understood as a sort of “online diary” in which the contents can be created with a confidential and informal tone.

Often, some company sites have attached a blog (like this one you are reading ) to provide their users with insights on certain topics. Would you like to know more? Read also “ How to create a blog with WordPress ” Which hosting for WordPress WordPress hosting must have specific features that cannot be done without. How to choose a particularly suitable WordPress Hosting? It is important to check the reliability level of the Hosting , the features included and the additional services. Read also “ WordPress hosting, what it is and how to choose it “ Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that the technical support provided is satisfactory and to check the comments that customers have left on online review sites such as Trustpilot.