Changing the Date of Joining in EPFO records

Hi There,

Is that possible to change date of joining of any employee in EPF, even after contributions have been remitted by the employer for preceding month.

Ex: ABC joined in December month, but mistakenly Employer enrolled his/her DOJ as in November month and paid EPF contribution for the month of November.



You can change of Date of Joining by Submission of Joint Declaration to PF office.

I have heard of Date of Joining getting wrong due to manual entry error but Paid Contribution also means it is not a Manual Error because how can an Employee Name be in Payroll sheet if he or she has not joined in particular month.


Hi @Viswa

You can do this.

There is a letter format for the same, which needs to be addressed to the EPFO office commissioner.

But the underlying concept - Yes! You can get it changes for the below mentioned human errors.

  • Errors in name
  • Errors in the name of the father or the husband
  • Errors in PF or EPS account numbers
  • Errors in date of birth
  • Errors in date of joining an organization and
  • Errors in date of leaving an organization