Claiming deductions which are not in Form 16!

Hi… Can somebody help me with the question “Can I claim the deductions which are not shown in my Form 16?”

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Hey, @Adarsh One of our experts will soon address this :slight_smile:

Yes, Your Form-16 capture your Investment Declaration which you would have given to your employer however if you have any additional investment which you did not declared then you can claim them while filling your ITR

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Hi @Adarsh …I see @Jshah11 has shared some useful insights, adding few of my points also, hope it helps.

If you were not able to submit the details of your deductions to your employer timely, you can claim them in your Income Tax Return. You can claim them during return filing, even though they don’t appear on your Form 16 since you could not intimate your employer. Or you may have made those investments after the last date given by the employer for proof submission (but you make investments for deductions before 31st March of the financial year).

Let’s say you made some investments to claim Section 80C deduction – deposits to PPF & paid life insurance premium. You can easily claim them while filing your IT Return. Have the required details ready with you for e-filing and claim them. You will notice that not all of the listed deductions require investment. Some of these are expenses that you may have incurred during the financial year.

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