Covid19 unemployment benefits for shutdown or quarantines


Is there information on rules for providing unemployment benefits to be provided by employer if the operations shutdowns temporary or employer sends employees on quarantined?

Please share some insights.

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A similar question addressed here, it might give a good direction.

"In an employer-instituted quarantine, employees will be entitled to their regular salary during the quarantine period. Moreover, the quarantine period may not count against employees’ annual leave or PTO allotment. The central government has announced that employers should not cut wages during this quarantine period, although no law has yet been passed to this effect. The government of Maharashtra has issued a circular advising employers to refrain from terminating employees or reducing their wages as a reaction to the pandemic.

In the case of temporary shutdowns or layoffs, employees may be entitled to layoff compensation under certain circumstances. This compensation may include an unemployment allowance that amounts to 50% of wages for a maximum period of one year. Determining if such layoff compensation applies, and how much, is complex and will require legal consultation." -source

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