EDLI benefits

what are the benefits for Employee from EDLI?Please share complete Process for claiming the same ?

Hi Sagar,

EDLI [ Employee Deposit Linked Insurance]is nothing but life cover in case of death from PF .

Recently its limit has been increased from 6L to 7L. Min is 2.5L

Documents Checklist (PF & EDLI Claim)
1 Death Certificate-Deceased
2 Composite Claim Form in Death
3 Pension form with fingers impression:Nominee
4 Surviving Family Member certificate: Family Dependent
5 Non employment certificate :Nominee
6 Daughter/Son Birth certificate
7 Wife/Nominee Bank Account
8 Daughter/Son Bank Accounts joint with mother
9 Family Group Photo Postcard size :Family Members along with deceased
10 Individual Passport size photographs: Family dependent members
11 Death Member PAN Card
12 Death Member Aadhar Card
13 Aadhar Card: Dependent
14 Pan Card : Dependent

You can even get in touch with PF department , they will help you to sort documentations.


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