Claiming PF benefits after employee death

If employee died due to covid what is the process to claim the death benefit & what is the maximum amount we claim under Pf ?


If any employee died due to covid then u need to submit certain forms and documents to claim PF claim. THe maximum death covers increases from 6L to 7L.

**Documents Checklist (PF & EDLI Claim)- **
1 Death Certificate
2 Composite Claim Form in Death - PF From 20
3 Pension form with fingers impression- PF Form 10D
4 Surviving Family Member certificate
5 Non employment certificate
6 Daughter Birth certificate
7 Wife/Nominee Bank Account -
8 Daughter Bank Accounts joint with mother -
9 Family Group Photo Postcard size -
10 Individual Passport size photographs (Daughter & Mother)
11 Death Member PAN Card -
12 Death Member Aadhar Card -
13 Dependent Aadhar Card -
14 Dependent Pan Card -

You can also talk to PF department and they will guide you.



Data requested By EPF department

To claim the Covid-19 death benefit under EPF,

The nominee should file form-20, 5if, and 10d along with the employee’s original death certificate, family photo, and Aadhar card, PAN card of Member, and the nominee. The nominee should have a bank account.

These documents need to be submitted to the respective EPF office by the nominee.


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What is the rule for Gratuity settlement, if the employee has not completed 5 years of services in an organization.



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As per the judgment of the Supreme Court an employee is eligible for gratuity if he has completed 4 years of continuous service and 240 days continuous working in 5th year. On the day when he completes his 240 days in the 5th year he will be eligible for gratuity .

If not completed above then there will be no gratuity.


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No provision unless he has completed four years and eight months of service as per the prevailing law.