Employer’s compensation obligations for covid-19 infected employee on work travel


What are an employer’s compensation obligations if employee got infected with covid-19 after travelling to an affected area for work?

If there is some details, please share

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This is an interesting and highly complicated area of concern.

Beyond compensation, there can be further difficulties it seems. Most states publish protocols and these are applicable for the public as well as private enterprises. For example, at places where triple lockdown is implemented, Govt of Kerala is not allowing even Banks and Financial Institutions to function not more than three days. Also, fieldwork is restricted to specific industries only. IT and ITeS establishments are instructed to enable WFH and emergency technical staff within the office (no travel back to home). So if the employee claims that the employer forced him/her to travel or work in an affected place (hospitals and many emergency services are outside this), it can even be considered as a protocol violation, and most states now taking not just fine but legal action in tune with state laws on epidemic diseases control.

Expecting more clarity on this from HR and Compliance Experts in various industries.

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No obligations have been put down for the time being in terms of law.
Thank you.

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