Final settlement after absconded employee


Is a employee eligible for final settlement after absconding from work ?
what is the steps to be followed in this case?


It will be a good suggestion to ensure there are no dues from the organisation to the employee. Legally, ensure your company has complied with all financial & documentation obligation, including recovering any dues from employee so that if you want to go legal on the employee, the court or labor office will not hold anything against the organisation and the onus is fully on the employee.



Please note you follow proper Absconding Procedure - Sending Warning Letters via Registered Post at 4 day, 7 day, 14 day. Still if you receive no response, then Termination Letter to be sent with mention of his entitlements if any.

Bonus, Gratuity, Leave Encashments are the legal dues to be paid on as per the various Labour acts.

If any Salary due for Worked Days is pending then same cannot be paid and shown as Recovery against Notice Period provided Clause Exists in Appointment Letter and the same should be paid to Labour Welfare Fund.


In recovery against Notice period, how PF and PT amount deducted?

Plz help.


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