Absconding Cases


I had query regarding Absconding employees and then they have resigned. Please let me know what to do in such a scenario. Should we drop an email Staying report back or we will have to share Absconding termination Letter.

Please guide me on the same.


We still consider them absconding and send a mail that if u do not serve notice the same will be adjusted against notice pay


I had subscribe for this greytip , but now I forgot from where do I access this to ask queries ???can you help me?

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Hi @Shruthi

Firstly, how do you define absconding in your company is it 7 consecutive days or 10? Also, is the employee holding some company assets - coz if so, I believe this will be referred to under the section 82 of the code of criminal procedure …

It would be a proper practice to send an email to the employee first (using his private email address) - asking why he was absent in this specific period without giving notice to the company - and if he does not reply and had crossed the number of days the company considers as absconding - then a letter of termination based on absence without prior notice and approval can be issued. And if valuable company assets are under his care - then you need to follow up with some legal steps in order to recover those assets.



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Without ascertaining true reasons for absconding one cannot terminate the services. There could be death or accident. Inform local police and GLO and proceed legally.

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