Flexi Shift for employees

pls guide how to set flexi shift for employees in the greythr portal and how working hours will be calculated for processing the salary?




First of all, We should have below information to setup shift configuration into application, We need

  • the attendance policy
  • Shift Timings( Start and End Time)
  • holiday calendar
  • the leave status of the employee for the day

The calculation will happen based on First Swipe and Last Swipe of the day , and it depends on the policy we define in the system.

An Example

Let’s consider employee X, who has the following attendance swipes for Tuesday on 12th Jan 2021.

X, 2021-01-12T9:12:10+05:30, IN, Door1

X, 2021-01-12T5:22:10+05:30, OUT, Door2

We need the shift information to determine the attendance status and the actual hours worked. Let’s say it’s a General Shift from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We can now compute the total hours worked for the employee as 8 hours and 10 minutes, and if employee complete the hours based on the swipes. It will mark as present to the employee and the same will flow to Payroll calculation.

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Hope this helps. Let us know in case you need any additional information.


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