Product & Engineering Newsletter : Aug 2023!

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

- Isaac Newton

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

People Page Design Revamp in Mobile App

People page in the greytHR mobile app underwent a fantastic revamp, delivering a more engaging and user-friendly experience. Users can now find their colleagues and connect with them in a smoother and quicker way.

Power-packed Split Shift Management is here!

The new Split Shift functionality helps our attendance users divide working hours into two sessions with significant break hours between them. It offers flexibility in managing split shifts based on daily requirements. This feature is especially useful for industries with non-traditional working hours, such as hospitality and healthcare, to simplify work routines.

Attendance Info and Who Is in? Design Revamp

Attendance Info and Who Is In? pages are revamped with revitalized design, easy navigation, session-based attendance, personalized date summaries, ESS-standard icons, and refined multi-category filtering. Enjoy seamless communication with extended contact details. Experience enhanced user satisfaction, streamlined collaboration, and organized attendance insights.

Other Features

  • We’ve introduced employee photo API to fetch an employee’s profile photo in the binary format in different sizes as per the business requirement. For example: Employee profile photos can be downloaded to create customized cards to wish employees on their important days.
  • We’ve introduced “feature flagging" in the in-app rating feature in our mobile app using GrowthBook. It helps us gather user ratings and feedback from the app. If something goes wrong in the app, these flags quickly halt rating requests and avoid negative app store reviews instantly. Using the GrowthBook platform, switching the feature flag on or off becomes a rapid and straightforward process.

Design Spotlight

Upcoming Features

Login with OTP in Mobile App

Accessing the mobile app will soon be more secure and convenient for employees, as they’ll be able to log in using OTP. Stay tuned for enhanced login experience in the upcoming updates.

Office Locator in Mobile App

We will soon introduce Office Locator feature in Mobile App’s Settings section, allowing employees to easily set up latitude and longitude details for their convenience.

Manager Apply OT on Behalf

With the upcoming Manager Apply Over Time (OT) on Behalf of Employees feature, managers will be able to bulk-select and bulk-apply OT on behalf of their team members from the web. This feature will streamline time management, ensure accuracy, empower managers, and simplify OT processes.

greytHR Workflows

The upcoming Date-Based Event Workflows, an enhancement to greytHR Workflows, is designed to streamline an organization’s processes. With this enhancement, admins will be able to easily set up automated workflows for a wide range of events such as employee joining, contract renewals, visa renewals, and more. Additionally, admins will have a provision to assign tasks to each reviewer of the workflow.

greytHR Prefilled Forms

With the new Prefilled Forms, admins and employees will be able to save time and improve data accuracy. This feature gives users the option to create and release form templates that are filled with existing employee data. This helps eliminate manual effort and reduces the chances of inaccurate entries.

Push Notifications in Mobile App

Mobile App users will soon receive important updates in the form of push notifications on their mobile devices. This feature will streamline communication to ensure the users remain informed and connected.

Product Content Updates

Solve your queries related to greytHR @greytHR Help.

Product Training: Monthly Product Session


  • Introduced an option to enable the auto-conversion of numerical values to text in Letters.

Leave & Attendance

  • Added ‘Reason’ field in Leave Transaction grid (Admin) for improved leave transaction management.
  • Introduced the new Split Shift functionality and enhanced Employee Attendance management.


  • Added a new Data Source custom field in Page Layouts screen for entering Email ID.
  • Added “Allow employees to change regime till” option to restrict Rregime changes in IT Declaration beyond the selected month.
  • Excluded Kerala Professional Tax computation for half-yearly cycle if employee work days are less than 60 Days.
  • Introduced Race field in Employee Profile section, Query Builder to accurately capture Employee information & in Excel importer for bulk upload.
  • Singapore Payroll: created additional fields in the visa section to efficiently secure and manage employee identity information.
  • Added Immigration Status field in Visa details and Current Visa details category of Query Builder.
  • Introduced ‘Singapore Statutory Reports’ section in Reports where Form IR8A & Form IR21 reports are accessible.

Mobile App

  • Introduced design revamp for People section in Mobile App.
  • Introduced role based access restriction to manage Employees Change Password Permissions.
  • Improved Geofence GPS Accuracy for more reliable attendance marking.


  • Added Post & Cancel Leave Transaction API to streamline the Leave transactions.
  • Added Admin User API (Shortlist field creation).

Catch all details of August month’s Product Session here.

Product Training and Academy Updates

Academy Tie-ups

  • Signed MoU with Guruvayurappan Institute of Management, Coimbatore for Enhancing Skills in HR Ops and Payroll Processing.
  • Delivered Digital HR Training program for Avinash College of Commerce, Telangana and LEAD College of Management, Palakkad.
  • Launched official LinkedIn Page for greytHR Academy to promote our professional greytHR Courses.
  • Launched Hire With Us Page on greytHR Website to benefit our clients by providing trained manpower proficient in administering our greytHR application.


Conducted total 33 Trainings with 558 Attendees. Here is the breakup:

  • 3 NHT batches with 11 Attendees
  • 1 PSP batch with 39 Attendees
  • 4 GCPL1 batches with 256 Attendees
  • 1 GCPL2 batch with 21 Attendees
  • 2 Digital HR trainings with 70 Attendees
  • 2 Beginner Level Training with 19 Attendees
  • 23 SMB training with 143 Attendees

Course Development

  • We’ve developed 2 courses on Bachelor Training program – Overview of Payroll and Collecting Relevant Data.
  • We’ve developed first course on New product features – Split Shift.
  • We registered 1,182 new enrollments in the month of August on Udemy total 29, 425.
  • We’ve issued certificates to 122 learners out of 162 learners who have completed the courses.

Product Usage Stats

User growth in Mobile App

In August, we witnessed impressive user growth, soaring from 4,38,209 to 4,46,875.

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