[FREE Expert Webinar] How will the new Code on Wages impact your business?

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Another unmissable opportunity for you!

Mr. Muthu Manickam (Former Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner, TN & Puducherry)
will be guiding you with Understanding the Code on Wages and will docode its impact on your business.

You will get detailed insights on:

  • Expected financial impact on organizations.
  • Effect on the employer’s CTC payout.
  • Effect of the new code on wages on employees’ take-home.
  • Managing this transition from the organisation’s perspective.
  • Effect of the transition on adoption of automation by organizations.

There is an exclusive Q and A session as well. Keep your questions ready!

Attend the webinar is on Aug 12, 2021 4:00- 5:00 PM IST . Register in the following link to be part of the informative session.

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We have already addressed a lot of questions on Wage Code already in the community. But, thats just a tip of the iceberg as far as understanding the wage code and its details.

An exclusive Q and A session waits for you after the session. Keep your questions ready!

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See the range of questions we have been asked already in the community, you can keep asking more…

FAQ on Wage Codes is a must read!

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Final Chance to Register, Join and Invite your friends to Join!

The Webinar is happening today! Register for session on The new code on wages: Changes and significance.

You will get exclusive insights on:

1. Expected financial impact on organizations
2. Effect on the employer’s CTC payout
3. Effect of the new code on wages on employees’ take-home
4. Managing this transition from the organisation’s perspective
5. Effect of the transition on the adoption of automation by organizations

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See you today 4 PM at the webinar!

Dear Admin,

I had attended yesterday’s session on the new Code on Wages along with my manager.
During the session, I was told that the recorded video would be shared later but I still have not received it.

Request you to please send it asap.

Hi @hr_diligencebio,

Thank you to you and your manager for attending the session. We hope it was useful to you.

Yes, as promised you will be getting the recorded session for viewing at your end. Currently our team is making minor edits to get you the best version of the video for your viewing.

Appreciate your patience in this regard.

Thank you for connecting with us.

Dear Admin,

Thanks for the prompt response.


Wage Code delayed further: Labour code rollout to be delayed further beyond October 1 deadline - The Financial Express

Thanks for the news bit, Mr. Aakash!

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Thanks Greythr for sending these updates….

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Hi @hr_diligencebio @Priyanka_P @aakashbhasin,

I understand that our team has shared the recorded video of the webinar with its attendees. In case you did not receive or missed out on attending the session. Here is the video just for you on your request.

If you have any questions related to Wage code, feel free to post in the community and we can get the experts share their views.

Thank you.

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Dear Admin,

Thank you for sharing the recorded video of the webinar.


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