Holiday and Week-off for Holidays

Hi Community,

Should Holidays and Week off be included or excluded while calculating number of leaves when holidays falls in between leaves?

Please advise.

Thank you.


Hi @Anushri,

Technically all leaves with pay are excluding weekly off and holidays which means even if an employee is on leave for whole month (30 days) which includes 4 weekly off and 1 holiday then employee should be considered on leave for 25 days only.

Similarly, if an employee take leave from Saturday to Monday where Sunday is weekly off then Sunday should not be counted as leave. Hence only 2 leaves should b counted, this is a general practice indeed.

Hope that helps


Hi Anushri,

Holidays are not a part of Leave.

Weekly Off - Can or cannot be part of Leave. This is completely dependent on Leave Policy of Company.


Hi @Anushri

Sometimes this happens - we call it as sandwich leave types where a weekoff or holiday falls in-between the leave period needs to be considered.

Example: Maternity leave - We include Sat/Sun/Holidays since this for a longer period.

Similarly we can introduce a long leave rules - say more than 07 days if an employee applies leave - include holidays and weekoff.

Else they need to be seen separately from each other.


adding to @Nisha

An employee is eligible for week off only when he/she had worked for continuous 6 days which may include paid leaves. If he/she is absent for the whole month (proivided there are no leave balance) there is no question of calculating his eligible paid days towards week off’s. It will be a straight away conclusion that there is no salary for that month.

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