Indian Govt's Sunday Policy for Long Leaves?

What is the policy regarding Sundays if an individual takes leave for 15 or 20 days, or for one month, according to Indian Government regulations?


Hi @vikashbtpl ,

I believe you need to share what type of leave is the employee taking?

Coz most companies follow that if it is earned and casual leaves, it will be working days, and if it is sick leave it is calendar days, meaning it is including weekends.

Now, this may again vary to what is the working day for the company if it is Monday- Friday or Monday-Saturday or Monday - Sunday


“Hi @Ludy , we are giving two types of leave, Casual Leave (CL-12) and Earned Leave (EL-15). Some employees take leave for 15-20 days or 20-25 days, including holidays and Sundays. We would like to know how to calculate leave entitlements for employees who take leave for these durations. I hope this clarifies the question.”


Hi @vikashbtpl ,

I am further assuming that the CL and EL are only working days (meaning Monday -Friday).
So if the employee submitted his Earned leave application for April 1-15, I will only consider his total leave as 11 days - disregarding the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) since my working days are only Monday-Friday. As I mentioned earlier, it will vary as to what is your working days set.

For the calculation , we are following this formula: (Gross salary/30days) x no. of days

Hope this helps