How to terminate an employee found doing proxy attendance

We have one case in which we found one employee doing proxy attendance from mobile, we downloaded greythr employee swipe data n found another user have marked his attendance, to verify more we checked cctv n found him guilty,
we consulted with him, but he is not ready to accept, we want to terminate him, and we have asked him not to come office, to ease the procedure we told him to give resignation by mentioning to relieve immediately, but his attitude and asking payment is improper.
So want ur views in such case should we ask him to give resignation, if we ask resignation there will b notice period issue, if we give termination letter then what is legal procedure which we should carry out.
as such that employee is reluctant to accept his mistake, and its integrity issue for company.

Please suggest your best possible view , as our company is not that big only 80 employees most of them are workers n few office workers

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