Intern and internship stipend

We as a LLP we can hire a Intern or Not?
If PT is applicable or Not?
For How Many Month Intern we can hire?
If PT is applicable how we will make the payment?
If PF, ESIC is applicable or not? if it is applicable how we can process the same ?


Hey @EMP0041 ,

  1. Can an LLP Hire an Intern?: Yes, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) can hire interns. There are no legal restrictions against LLPs hiring interns.
  2. Is PT (Professional Tax) Applicable?: The applicability of Professional Tax varies by state in India. If your LLP operates in a state where PT is levied, then it would generally apply to interns as well.
  3. For How Many Months Can We Hire an Intern?: The duration for which you can hire an intern is not legally defined but usually varies based on company policy and the nature of the internship. Common durations are 1-6 months.
  4. PT Payment Procedure: If PT is applicable, you can remit it to the state government through the same process you would for full-time employees. This is usually done on a monthly basis.
  5. Is PF, ESIC Applicable?:
  • PF (Provident Fund): PF is generally not mandatory for interns unless they cross the monetary threshold that mandates PF contributions.
  • ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation): ESIC is usually not applicable to interns as they are not considered employees. However, regulations can vary.

To process these, you’d generally include the amounts in the monthly challans submitted for your regular employees, following the procedures specified by the respective regulatory bodies.

I hope this information helps.