Is Experience Letter Different From Relieving Letter?

People often use the two terms interchangeably but there is a slight difference between an experience letter and a relieving letter. Let’s throw some light on the same:

Experience Letter: This one is a comprehensive official document that can be used as a proof or confirmation of employment. The experience letter format includes the job description/role, the key skills possessed/developed, and the overall experience of the employee. The employer mentions that the employee’s work experience has been satisfactory and of value to the organization. It can be issued before the employee leaves the organization.

Relieving Letter: This one is more of an agreement or NOC that the employee has been relieved from his/her responsibilities and is free to join another organization. It is attached to a No Dues Certificate suggesting that there are no pending payments or company assets with the employee. It is generally issued after the employee resigns from the organization.


very well explained.

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