Can Employer Deny Experience & Relieving Letter?


Can an employer deny experience letter and relieving letter of an employee?

Please advise.



If employee has done some misconduct, or not served notice period or handover is pending etc then company can deny, else company cannot deny.

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Hi @RamyaV

Usually No! Until and unless receivables from employee side is pending as per the contract / Agreement / Appointment letter.

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Depends on the terms of appointment(notice period) and pending receivables from employee


Companies should not deny issuing these exit letters and should instead issue such letters with special mention about not serving notice period or absconding incident, or any other negative aspects which should be true and impartial in nature wih records and proofs of such incidents.

This way any employee with negative actions in the past with employer will have to face his/her KARMA in the subsequent emploments due to these negative letters being issued

Denaying these letters does not bring any truth to the world nor does it helps the employer in any way. So whatever is the truth just have to be bring to the notice with such mentions in the exit letters.

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