Is it possible for a company to issue revised appointment letters?

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Is it possible for a company to issue revised appointment letters? What is the process to include additionally included clauses in the appointment letters?


Instead of giving an entire revised appointment letter, you can give an addendum to that mentioning only the new clauses and by giving the reference of the original appointment letter.


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As Deepti said, when you have:

i) additional terms to include can execute an Addendum stating the terms referring to the principally executed employment agreement/letter of appointment, and
ii) for revision/changes in existing terms can execute an Amendment stating the terms that are revised with reference to the previously mentioned terms.

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Hi ManasaRP,

If you would like to add additional clauses in appointment letter already issued or modify the clauses, then give addendum to the letter.

Do mention the date from which this addendum is applicable and also make sure both parties have signed the addendum to avoid future conflict.

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I would strongly suggest not to issue revised Appointment Letters, you may issue an addendum with cross-reference to the original Appointment Letter. Ensure to mention that all terms and conditions will remain the same as per the original Appointment Letter and corresponding Agreements if any.

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