IS LWF Applicable in Noida?

Is LWF Applicable in Noida? If so what is the contribution amount from employee and employer?



In Uttar Pradesh, LWF is not appliable. Here is a ready-reckoner for All India LWF Labour Welfare Fund Act in India | LWF Benefits, Contribution



Can anyone share a list of statutory annual return filing?


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I believe you are missing an attachment. Kindly check.

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Nothing was attached, I only shared the annual returns that we follow. After sending, I realised this was for Noida and I am from Karnataka

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Annual Compliance - Company FAQ’s

1. Which Form is to be filed for the appointment of the statutory auditor?

08 December 2021

Form ADT-1 is filed for appointing or replacing the Statutory Auditor.

2. Which form is to be attached to the Companies Director Report?

08 December 2021

MGT-9 is attached to the company’s director report, which is an extract of MGT -7

3. Are audited Financial statements mandatory while annual filing of the Private Limited Companies?

08 December 2021

Audited financial statements are necessary for every company from its incorporation. The company must file the audited statements only.

4. Does the appointment of the statutory auditor fall under annual compliance?

08 December 2021

A company can appoint a statutory auditor either for five consecutive years or till the conclusion of the next Annual general meeting. Therefore, an appointment of the statutory auditor cannot be considered as a part of annual compliance.

5. What are the compliances of a Private Limited Company?

08 December 2021

A company is required to maintain the compliances once the company is incorporated. The auditor is to be appointed within 30 days. Additionally, there is income tax filing and annual return filing that is to be done every year.

6. Is it necessary to conduct AGM?

08 December 2021

The annual general meeting (AGM) is held for the management and the shareholders to interact with each other. The Companies Act,2013 makes it compulsory to hold meetings to discuss the yearly results and appoint auditors.

7. Is it mandatory to get a Private Limited Company audited?

07 December 2021

The statutory audit as the name suggests is a mandatory audit for all companies. All the entities that are unregistered under the Companies Act as Private or Public Limited Companies need to get the books of accounts audited every year.

8. How to file the annual returns of the Company?

08 December 2021

The companies incorporated under the Companies Act,1956 are required to file the following documents with the ROC The balance sheet in form 23AC which is to be filed by all the companies Profit and loss account in form 23ACA which is to be file by all the companies.

9. Is audit report mandatory for all the private limited companies?

08 December 2021

The Private Limited Companies are required to file the annual accounts and the returns that disclose the details of the shareholder and the directors to the ROC.

10. When is annual return to be filed after the AGM?

15 November 2021

After the AGM all the private limited companies are required to file the annual return within 60 days of holding the annual general meeting.

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Can you please share the list as it is missing in your response

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Thank you for sharing details.

Can you please also share LWF/PT/Maternity/PF/ESIC etc annual return filing?

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Hey @ReetaReeta ,

PFB a few links which can help you get the info.

  1. Labour Welfare Fund Act in India | LWF Benefits, Contribution
  2. Professional Tax In India | Professional Tax (PT) Slabs in India
  3. The Maternity Benefit Act 1961
  4. Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act,1952
  5. The Employees’ State Insurance Act,1948

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