How many returns do you file? (Records Retention Obligations of Employer)

Hello All,

In a recent audit by the Labor Commissioner at one of our principal employers, we were asked to submit the following documents:

  1. Annual Return under Payment of Wages Act
  2. Annual Return under Contract Labor Act
  3. Annual Return under Minimum Wages Act
  4. Annual Return under Maternity Benefit Act
  5. Month Return of International Workmen (IW 1) under Employees Pension Scheme

Could anyone help with the process for filing these returns?
Anything specific to Maharashtra would especially help. :slight_smile:
Please feel free to post about any other states as well.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Vallari,

The Ministry of Labour & Employment has published a notification Ease of Compliance Rules.pdf (1.2 MB) which provides the filing of returns under various labour legislations. The attachment has the template forms as well.

Also, you can refer to Obligation - Record Retention/4 - Code on Wages (Central) Rules,_compressed.pdf

wherein you will find several cross links to respective Acts under which the compliances requirement are listed in detail.

Hope the above helps.


Hi Vallari,

Please ignore the link share in previous post and refer this one.

Records Retention Obligations of Employer (



Thanks @Bhuvana_Anand!

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