Laptop policy during work from home

Hi Community,

As most of the IT companies have gone for work from home, if any laptops or mobile devices which are required for day-to-day office work, starts malfunctioning, or requires frequent repairing, then in such cases can company ask employee to bear some percentage, let’s say 20%/30% of repairing cost? Can we have such company-level policy? Would this violate any Act / law?

Please advise or suggest your views.

  1. If it is a genuine issue, then company should bear the complete cost.

  2. If it is malfunctioning because of negligence of employee like water spill or fallen, then you can ask employee to bear some cost.

You can even roll out a policy which roughly states as below:-
You may be given electronic gadgets like Computers, Laptop, USB Data Card, Telephone, Smart-phone, Sim Card or any other electronic device. It is your responsibility to use this equipment only for the official purpose and you are also expected to handle them with care. You should understand the importance of using the office equipment economically and ensure that you handle the machines smoothly & carefully as rough handling may cause damages that may end up spoiling the system. Failure to do so will invite the damages to be recovered from concerned employee.

In progressive companies, what employer does is an Asset is purchased with 50% - 50% contribution from both employee & employer and if employee completes particular tenure (say 3 years) with company, then that asset becomes Employees Asset and if he leave the organisation before the tenure (say 3 years), then employee has 2 option a) Pay the difference amount and take the asset or b) Employer pays the difference amount to employee and take the asset provided asset is in Good Condition else Employee will have to keep that asset.



Usually, if it’s a genuine repair falls under warranty or born by the company.

But as @Ankit said if it’s as per the IT policy of the company and falls under the negligence of the employee then you can take actions according to the policy.

In this case, having a well-drafted IT policy is very essential and helps a lot during these tough times.


Thanks, @Ankit and @Dinesh! Your detailed response helps! :pray:


Hi Shefali,

In my opinion company should bear the cost but on case to case bases between negligence or genuine cases. Since it is related to IT department then department should discuss with HR department about the damage is done out of negligence or genuine accordingly need to take a call.

In case of negligence we cannot ask employee to bear the complete cost but yes out of total cost may be 40% or what ever you feel is feasible (as per the Salary Bracket ).

In case of genuine company should bear the cost completely (irrespective of salary Bracket).

But instead studying cases to case bases we can altered our assets policy including such points and work done. Any damage ask employee to refer the “Assets Policy”.

I hope this information will be useful for you.

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