Leave Policy - Kerala

Hi All,

We are planning to revamp our leave policy. We are an IT firm based out in Kerala. Can anyone guide me if the below points are right.

  1. Annual Leave / Privileged Leave - 12 ( To be provided after 1 year with the organisation) . We can carryforward the AL

  2. Casual Leave - 12 ( Cannot be carry forwarded. CL are not compulsory )

  3. Sick Leave - 12 ( Compulsory and cannot be carry forwarded or encased)

  4. How many AL can be carry forwarded or encased ?

  5. Is CL compulsory

  6. Should 12 annual leaves be added to the employees on the beginning of the year or should it be added every month.

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Hi Pavitra,

SL should be carryforwarded if they are not utilized . Check this option once

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