Limited working hours for all establishments update


What are the details of updated notification on limited working hours for all establishments. How is it different from previously? Is it across all states?

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Hi Anushree,

The Karnataka Government has amended the work hours under the provisions of the Shops and Establishments Act.

As per the amendment, no employee in any establishment shall be required or allowed to work for more than nine hours on any day and forty-eight hours in any week and the total number of hours of work including overtime shall not exceed ten hours in any day except on the day of stock-taking and preparation of accounts. Further, the total number of overtime hours worked by an employee not to exceed fifty hours in a period of three continuous months.

Karnataka revises the work hours under the Shops Act (

With regard to the establishments covered under the Shops & Establishments of other States, you can refer to this page Shops and Establishments Act India | Shop Act Rules For Indian States ( that covers and comprises relevant provisions of all the States & UTs.

With regard to the Factories, The Factories Act,1948 ( can be referred to.

Also, you can bookmark Stacowiki | greythHR ( wherein you will get the recent notifications regularly.

Hope the above helps.

Bhuvana Anand

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