Overtime Payment in Mumbai

Hi everyone,
Needed guidance around overtime pay for a 5-day working setup with 9 hours shift (including a 1-hour break) company. We need a team to work for 6 days a week for 2 months as per the business requirements.
Wanted to know what is the statutory guidelines for overtime pay for a Mumbai-based IT company. We do not want to give a comp off.
And what are the hourly overtime wages for stretching 2-3 hours on a normal working day.


Hi Shruti,

As per Section 15 of Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act,

Where a worker in any establishment is required to work beyond nine hours a day or forty-eight hours a week, he shall be entitled, in respect of the overtime work, wages at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages.
The total number of overtime hours shall not exceed one hundred and twenty five hours in a period of three months.

Bhuvana Anand

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