Covid-19 Paid sick leaves order copy of Karnataka Government


Can anyone share more details on this? Whether it is applicable for IT company as well?

Also, any English version of the verdict?


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Hi @Shwetagrover Looks like the available version is not available in Kannada. However the contents have been discussed here.

Let’s wait to hear from the community on your additional questions.

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That’s what it is available in Kannada only.

But my query was that is it applicable to IT company as well?

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Looks like we have a English version as well shared by @jagadeesh.r in this discussion .

Thanks @jagadeesh.r


you are most welcome Vidyaranjan

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Covid Leave_Kannada.pdf (211.9 KB)
Covid Document_English.doc (188 KB)


PLease find attached covid leave details as per Karnataka notification. It is 2020 and need to continue until any revised or new notification published.

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