Maternity benefit for 4th Child under ESIC

Hi Friends,
Wanted clarity on Maternity benefit - Leave & Pay under ESIC , for an Employee who is working with us since 9 months.

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  • To be eligible for maternity benefits, the woman employee should have made a contribution for at least 80 days in the preceding two consecutive contribution periods
  • Maternity benefits are available up to 26 weeks, but the benefits start only eight weeks prior to the expected date of delivery.
  • If a woman has two or more surviving children, the maternity benefits are available for 12 weeks, of which a maximum of six weeks can precede the expected date of confinement

Please do refer greytHR compliance updates on ESI at ESIC e-Pehchaan Card to all Insured Persons


Thank you @Sree for your response to the query. It was really helpful.