Most Holidays are in Saturday and Sunday in 2021 do we need to give mandatory 12 holidays in a year?

In 2021 most of the Holidays coming on Saturday and Sunday.
Based on that Employees may get only 6 or 7 general holidays on Week days.
Is that fine or we need to give mandatory 12 holidays in a year?
Please share your inputs.

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no, it is nonmandatory for providing leave 12 days and for the employee welfare concern company may provide the leaves on behalf of Saturday & Sunday holidays.


Dear Ramesh,

I agree with Suresh.p. The phenomenon of falling of Public holidays exactly on weekly holidays like Saturdays and Sundays in any given calendar year is a sheer coincidence. Therefore, it is not a mandatory obligation on the part of employers to compensate.


True @Rameshbv

Agree with @Umakanthan and @suresh.p

It’s not mandatory to choose like that. But I also stress the point employees might not like that.

It’s a human tendency from school till date to look at the holiday calendar and plan trips / family get together, so it will be a mere disappointment for employees.

You can consider other holidays or give more Restricted Holidays to compensate the 12 number.

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Thank you everyone for your inputs.

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