New normal: Placements go virtual in Tamil Nadu

Is this the future?

Engineering colleges in the state, which in terms of placements had a good 2019-20 when many recorded their highest numbers in recent years, are looking forward with optimism to 2020-21, with virtual hiring the order of the day.

Several colleges are holding tests and mock interviews for their students. In some colleges, virtual hiring has begun and a few students have bagged offers.

Institutions are also opening up campuses for students in remote areas for attending online interviews.


@KarthickHR Considering the current situation & looking at next years from now, I strongly believe this will evolve more & more and find innovative ways too.

It can even become a permanent normal :slight_smile: But let’s hope for the best.

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The conclusion is that it was and is dependent on us, For someone. COVID turn out to be something that came like a tsunami and destroyed everything and now he can not do anything, But for someone, it turns to be an opportunity that he was waiting from a large time where he can work upon himself. COVID changed everything. Like we all change this world has also changed. And it is upon us how we adapt and how early we adapt.