Official Quarantine tenure after travelling inter District

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Is it Government officially mandate for all employees to get quarantined if someone is travelling from another district to Pune. If yes, what is the tenure, 7/14 days? Also, getting quarantined depends on the mode of travel?


All passengers travelling to Pune need to undertake 14 days of home quarantine. Domestic passengers intending to exit the city within seven days of the arrival shall be exempted from quarantine, provided they are able to produce a confirmed ticket for an onward/return journey. All passengers must submit a health declaration form upon arrival. Next, the state authorities shall put a quarantine stamp on the left hand of the passenger


Hi Shailesh, Thanks for the inputs, supporting the above statement do we have any official Govt. Doc? Also, I believe the 14 days of home quarantine is only for all those travelling via Air and Train, is there anything specific to Road Travel?


Hi @amar_joshi

I had this document that talks about MHA guideline for interstate movement Notice 40-3/2020 - DM- I(A) GOI MHA.

That says beyond Containment zones no permissions are required for any inter / intrastate movement.

Date 22nd Aug 2020 this is effective with Unlock 3.0. You can, however,No restriction on Inter State and Intra State Movement DOtoChiefSecy_22082020.pdf (757.6 KB) refer to the attached file once.


@Dinesh Thanks for sharing the details.

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