Performance Appraisal - Criteria to Evaluate Employees

Hi Team,

Please share us the required categories to evaluate employees during performance appraisal.


These are the general categories… you may add others depending upon your requirement
Team work
communicaiton skills
quality of work,
Target achieved
ability to problem solving,
Initiative and motivation,
Efficiency or productivity


Hi @LakshmiPriya.N

Welcome to the community.

When we talk about Performance Management - The first thing is the type of industry that we are in and based on which you measure the metrics.

I assume here its an IT and explain the below adding to what @Bharath has listed

  1. Accomplishment of the set OKRs (if you have an OKR concept - Quarterly / Half yearly / Yearly)
  2. Self / Team Assessment (Hierarchy based feedback)
  3. Customer feedback / Ratings
  4. Skill Evaluation
  5. Certificates / Time Spent on learning / Courses completed related to role
  6. Contribution to Org. when in need or emergency
  7. GOAL completion rate
  8. Loyalty

The above said are some examples -again varies from Org. to Org.

But GOAL setting is the key from where measurement happens to rate :slight_smile: if not done earlier it’s time to establish one.

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Hi Dinesh,

Thank you for your valuable input. We are an IT based Organization only.


Hi Laskhmipriya,

The Weightage of form should be equally distributed and need to list out the points that will determine the employee like Attributes(Production,qulaity,Accountability etc), Personal Attributes(Attendance ,Attitude ,Commitment etc) ,Learning & Growth(Certifcation,new intiative etc) ,Goal Settings9Client Satisfaction,Recoginition), Team Attributes, Process related weightage .

I hope now you have some clear idea.



Then as said @LakshmiPriya.N it will help you a lot.

I also suggest please bring an OKR / Objective and GOALS based concept to help you further on this.

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How do you manage the appraisal process. Use forms in spread sheets or using some sort of automation? Heard that there is a transition going on from traditional once a year form filling to continuous feedback, across industries.


Hi Everyone,

Please find below the Parameters which can be used to evaluate employees. And it has to be continuous process and not just once in year. You should be able to collate data via various sources like Customer Feedbacks, NPS, Self Assessment, Surveys, etc on day to day basis and collate at the end of the year and Map the points against the different parameters. So you can compare - Self Rating, Manager Rating, Collated Points Rating and thus derived at the final outcome in more logical & scientific way.

Sr. No Parameters
Business Goals/ Target (60%)
1 Delivers work on time with 75% or more accuracy
2 Optimal utilization of available resources
3 (KRA based To be defined by Reporting Manager)
4 (KRA based To be defined by Reporting Manager)
5 (KRA based To be defined by Reporting Manager)
6 Leadership Potential
People Skills (20 %)
1 Communicates and coordinates with stakeholders effectively
2 Participates meaningfully in discussions
3 Demonstrates patience and maturity in difficult situations
4 Has not put Self above Team
Innovation and Initiative (20 %)
1 Newer ways of doing things leading to
a) Productivity
b) Cost sensitivity
c) New ideas for business
d) If any other ________________________________
2 Initiative to do things on one’s own
a) Planning in Advance
b) Managing contingency & crisis
c) Taking change of complex situation
d) Risk taking ability
e) Not afraid of failure

If it is Sales Driven Profiles, then you can customise above Business Goals/ Target (60%) as per below:

1 Target Details
Revenue Target:- ______________
Achieved Target:- ________________
2 Effective Utilisation of Available Resources to meet the targets
3 Customer Relationship Management
4 Business Development
a) Exploring new markets/sectors
b) New avenues of growth
5 Leadership Potential

Sr. No Parameters
1 (KRA based To be defined by Reporting Manager)
2 (KRA based To be defined by Reporting Manager)
3 Shows Problem Solving Ability
4 Works well in a Team
5 Takes Initiatives
6 Go beyond the call of duty
7 Punctuality & Regularity (Avoid unapproved long leaves)
8 Maintains code of conduct & is ethical
9 Willingness to learn
10 Hardworking & Confident


Is it all manual driven activity or automation tool?

As end of the year, how we are going to collate all and understand.

Also, would you be able to share any excel file for all these?


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Depends on Employee Strength, you can collate it using Google Forms, various other PMS tools available or customised microsite created for your oneself.

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