PF Death Claim. Who will be Eligible?


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It is regarding PF Death Claim. Who will be Eligible for below scenario?

Before marriage employee declares his parents as Nominee & After Marriage he has not declared the Nominee. For this case benefits goes to parents or Spouse?
Please Clarify

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Hi Anushree,

The EPF amount is paid to the nominee, and if there was no nominee assigned, then the EPF amount is paid to the immediate members of the family. If the family members and the nominee are not applicable for the account then the legal heir can claim it.

A nominee is just the representative who is authorized to receive a claim; A nominee may also be the legal heir. When the nominee is merely an authorized person to receive but not a legal heir of the deceased, such nominee is obligated to hand over the claim to the appropriate legal heir. This applies to the nominee in all scenarios for all types of claims.

Form 20 EPF Claim.pdf (272.6 KB)

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Bhuvana Anand