Is that mandatory to add employee spouse details in PF within a timeframe?

Please clarify whether it is mandatory to add employee spouse details in PF records within specified time


Hi @Abitha

Recently there were a lot of updates in this context of nomination in PF and even the government has made it easy for employees to update the nominations online with e-nominations.

What does PF Act have to say about this:

Public Provident Fund Act, 1968 Section 8 of the Act says that all amount standing in the credit shall go to the nominee (whether a member of the family or not). Where there is no nomination, the amount shall be payable to his legal heirs. It is advisable to nominate the wife as a nominee in PPF Account in case one is married. In case the account has been opened before marriage, nomination to be changed in favour of wife as and when one gets married.

However, it’s advisable to update the nomination once an employee gets married but there is no specific timeline as of now.

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Hi Abhitha,

In PF there is no time limit to update nomination but it is advisable to do it whenever employee joinees to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Its not updating spouse details but its about updating your nomination details. If employees is marries spouse and unmarried their parents.

In case an employee passed away before he could update his nomination then in PF if an employee is married then the whole contribution will go to spouse and in case unmarried money will go to his/her parents.

I hope this information will help you.