PF for Expatriate

Hello Team, could you please help me on the below query?

How is PF contribution is made for an employee, who is visiting to USA on a short term visa for 6 months?

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If an employee is visiting the USA then what is the problem with PF. PF contribution has no relation with location. It is a part of payroll and should be processed on the basis of his attendance.



If it is paid from India we need to deduct.

6 months means max off B1 visa so most of employers paid from India. , In USA they will perdiem as per company policy



Could you read a message again please.

He posted a doubt explained smooth way.

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If it is paid from USA???

How you show EPF in India…just asking

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Dear All,

If it is a short term visit, it is a Business visa. Hence salary is paid from India. When salary is paid in India, PF contributions remains unchanged.




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Hi All

When an employee is visiting US for short term then salary will paid from India. So need to worry about whether he/she is in US or India Pf contribution will be automatic and to be paid. There is no change in PF contribution.

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