PT in case of New Joinee in mid Month

If employee switches company in mid month and if his gross salary is more than 15K for both the companies then which company will deduct PT as if both the companies will deduct then PT then yearly PT will come as 2500 considering other parameters as constant ?Please suggest?

Hi Sagar,

If an employee joins you in the mid of the month then you will have to check [Specifically in FFS] if ex employer has deducted the PT or not.

If already deducted then current employer will not deduct PT else, it will be twice for the month.

If not then its current employers responsibility to deduct the PT and remit to the department.


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In both the cases, considering salary more than 15k… mid month means 15th to 20th where his/her salary will be around 10k approx. For 10K…PT will be zero as PT wil ba calculated on actual earnings and not on your monthly gross salary while preparing salary sheet

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Any one of the companies can do. The only thing is that it should be deducted by either and keeping proof of the same by the employee is needed.

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