Put salary on hold for notice period


How many months salary can a employer legally put in hold in case employee fails to provide a proper notice period?


Notice period salary if stated in Appointment Letter.
Thank you


Like Habeeb suggested

The document which guides for work relation between an employer and an employee is known as an Employment agreement. This agreement defines the terms of engagement to the employee in terms of income including the minimum notice period he/she is obliged to serve the company to receive his last payment in full and final settlement.

Given the structure of Indian labor laws, there is no standard process to separate an employee in India. An employee may be separated according to terms laid out in the individual labor contract signed between the employee and the employer. Equally, the terms may be subject to the country’s labor laws. Here, employers should note that India’s labor laws supersede the provisions of labor contracts—any termination policy or clause outlined within a contract should be checked against the law by a professional. There are mentions about notice in Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act (IESA), 1946, Industrial Disputes Act (IDA), 1947, and S&E Acts of states.

So what is mentioned in the appointment order would determine the notice period and observed a maximum notice period of 90 days.

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