Company not ready to compromise with Notice Period

On the basis of review of your recent performance and potential, the Management is glad to promote you as Project Lead.

Further, in line with change in the organizational policy, your notice period has been amended to 90 days. Also, your notice period cannot be adjusted against leaves or any compensation / salary in lieu of. The decision of Management in this regard will be final and binding on you.

You affirm that you shall abide by all the policies of the organization made applicable from time to time, and any such policy if creates an addendum in your employment terms the same shall be deemed as accepted by you.

Now, I am getting better opportunity where my pay scale would be more than 10 Lakhs. I am ready to serve the notice period of 60 days but not possible to serve 90 days. Please advise.

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Hi pawan1modi,

I am surprised to read the line mentioning that " your notice period cannot be adjusted against leaves or any compensation/salary in lieu of" > it is a one sided benefit ; did you sign this one?

Coz if you did then a great effort in convincing them to release you is your option.

Attaching a related document I found - might it can help you on your issue.
Notice-of-Termination-(India).pdf (162.7 KB)

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As per Maharashtra Standing Orders Act, the maximum notice period enforceable is 1 month. Please check the Standing Orders (of your State) or Model Standing Orders (of your Company, if any).

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