Rejection of IT Declaration Values

Hi Team,
If an employee declared certain exemption amount during the beginning of the financial year and even after releasing the POI, if he/she is not submitting the proofs, then how we can delete the declared amounts from the system so that TDS can be deducted on actual salary paid for the financial year without considering the exemption amounts.

Regards, Sreeja


Rejecting POI form and locking the form for Employee(s)

This option allows you to reject and lock the POI declaration form for selected employee(s). To reject POI forms for the selected employee(s), perform the following actions:

  1. On POI Overview page, under Released tab, from the Filter employees as per regime list, select a regime as per your requirement.
  2. Select Bulk Select .
  3. Select employee(s).
  4. Select Reject POI and Lock to move the employee’s POI form to Locked and Pending tab.
  5. Click Submit . Reject POI and Lock pop-up appears.
  6. Read and select all three check boxes. All three check boxes inform you about the effect of rejecting a POI form. Kindly note that this is a mandatory step.
  7. Click Confirm to reject and lock the POI. The form is then moved to Locked and Reviewed tab.

That was very much helpful for me as well…


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