Relaxation in Maternity Benefits during COVID?

There are companies who survived the COVID and somehow managed to Pay Salaries to their Working Employees, No Offence to Any one but Practically Maternity is a huge & Long Term cost to the companies who are into any sort of consulting or Services business where profile margins are very low,

Like Provident Fund where Government has reduced the contribution to 10%; Is there any Relaxation given to the such organizations/Companies on Payment of Maternity ? is there any way where we can request the government to bear some portion of cost of Maternity ?


Hi @Jshah11

This is a very interesting discussion here and infact something that govt. missed noticing from the employer side.

But there is already a draft proposed by Labour ministry to govt. on the note of Reimbursing the Employer Maternity benefits partially by the central Govt for employees within 15000 bracket for PF.

But due to Covid and other urgent matters, these are pending in their table for action.

Not sure when this will be implemented, but for now there is no such relaxations.