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Soyirindhi Hore: Manager - International Benefits at Yahoo!

With 15+ Years of experience Soyirindhi has worked in various facets of Human Resource Management. She specialises as an HR business partner and has a strong ability to understand key business goals or business strategies & accordingly explore, align or derive HR solutions/strategies to build organizational capability in support of business strategy. She has been successful in connecting ideas & plans to specific business issues or goals and thus been a trusted people adviser to business managers. Soyrindhi has previously worked with reputed organizations like Oracle, Mindtree, Mahindra Satyam

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Thank you for welcoming me into the session. Happy to help.


Hi Soyirindhi,

Please guide on :-

What notice do an employee need to provide to the employer for availing maternity leave?

It is typically 6 weeks before expected delivery date.


Hello Expert,

What forms need to be filled by an employee in order to apply for maternity leave?

Hi, there are no approved forms as such. Any relevant valid medical certificate stating her pregnancy will be sufficient


Hello There,

Can you explain

Will the company assets provided such as (laptop, Phone) at the time of joining will be taken back at the time of going for maternity leave?

Typically this is not required , employee can continue to have her official laptop and phone. Officially the employee is still on rolls of the company and should not be treated otherwise just because she is going on maternity leave.


Hi Soyirindhi,

Wanted your guidance.

In the case that an employee needs to take time off before the baby arrives for medical reasons (high risk, bed rest), how will this be handled? Will it take away from their maternity leave time?

No, any kind of medical leave before maternity does not take away from the 26 weeks of fully paid maternity leave. For medical emergency cases like termination of pregnancy or miscarriage 6 weeks of paid leave needs to be given to the female employee


Hi, we are 20 members of team in the company. We are just 3 females working here. We are all doing working from home and it will be the same next 2 years. In this case, how to implement maternity policy? Is there any specialised maternity policy for women who is doing working from home

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Maternity leave is like any other paid leave policy. On leave you do not work hence working from home will not apply to anyone who is on maternity leave. Please know that this is a government regulation and a pregnant woman cannot be enforced to work during the said maternity leave period. Regarding how you manage the work because you are just 3 women, that is a business issue and needs to be handled internally. However maternity leave needs to be granted as per the Maternity Benefit Act in India


Hello Expert,

Just wanted to understand.

What is the maximum number of days of paid leave an employee can receive? Will it include the national holidays and festivals?

Maximum paid leave for maternity is 26 weeks as defined by law. It includes all national holidays and festivals.



Thank you for helping,

i had raised this request earlier but there was no response on my query

I had a query regarding one benefit, ESi maternity benefit. if the employee goes through Esi the employee will be paid the salary from ESI. what about the employee who has Insurance benefit how will they get salary all through there maternity leave.

Thanks and Regards

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Salary is paid throughout maternity leave. No salary is withheld. Have I understood your question correctly?


Hi, thanks for your clarification. Can we give 12 weeks of maternity leave instead of giving 26 weeks. Is that possible?

The Indian law raised the duration from 12 weeks to 26 weeks very recently in 2016. So it is advisable to follow government regulations