Terminating an employee


Just need some opinions here…

An employee was given a probation extension of 3 months, however during the extension he was not able to perform well, but then he has some personal loans from the company which cannot be recovered if he leaves now.

line manager suggested keeping him for another 3 months so he can repay his loan and to have time to look for another job.


  1. Are we not violating any law if we extend his probation for another 3 months?
  2. Do we need to provide him a letter on this, or just a verbal information be enough?

Thank you for your opinions :slight_smile:


Hey @Ludy ,

To answer your first query, No you are not violating any law by extending the probation period as it’s completely up to the company to extend or reduce the time period. To answer your second query, it’s always better to keep things documented for any reference. So a letter or mail will be useful for you.

Hope that clarifies your query.

Community Manager.

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thank you @Kaulin


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