Probation period confirmation


Is providing a confirmation letter after probation period compulsory?
What are the rules regarding extension of probation period?


Hi @Prabha

A very interesting question, and love to answer this.

A confirmation letter is actually part of compliance to be followed to issue the same for an employee upon the satisfactory performance during the probation period.

But making an employee confirmed or not is fully in hands of the employer.

Probation can be extended up to any period of time as per the company policy but please mention the same in the offer letter to avoid legal issues later.

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Thanks Dinesh , was looking for this information.

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Hi Prabha,

Providing confirmation letter after completing probation period may not be compulsory if you have mentioned the same clause in your offer letter.

The probationary period of 6 months may be extended by another period of 6 months at the discretion of Management for the reasons attributable, the concerned workmen shall be informed in writing before the normal date of completion of probation.

Even after if an employee doesn’t provide result as per the company standards then you should part your ways.


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