Wellness program partners


We plan to run a few wellness drives for our employees and if its effective need to partner for a longer program as well. Can anyone suggest some good corporate wellness program consultants in Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata?

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An Assocham study that came out a few days back says that corporate wellness programs, if implemented effectively, can save India Inc. nearly $20 billion by the end of 2018, as a result of bringing down the rate of absenteeism by just 1%. It added that such programs would also help in managing chronic and lifestyle diseases of corporate employees.

Now its more important than earlier in 2021. Now most companies tie up with app providers to make it happen easily for the employees. Some of the more famous apps are listed here .

the employee health and wellness market is dominated by a number of players including Practo, CureFit, Ekincare, Apollo, MediBuddy among others, which are increasingly providing health insurance, check-ups, gym, mental wellness, health coaching and online consultations.

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