Wellness programs and perks to employees during WFH

Hi members,

How are you managing wellness programs and perks to employees during WFH?

-We have sent healthcare baskets consisting of sanitizers, masks, etc during last year. I would like to read about more ideas on successful programs

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Hi Namita,

Some of the successful wellness programs are:

  1. Virtual wellness (personalized) counseling, webinars
  2. Subsidized fitness programs/memberships/health apps
  3. Gifting or subsidized fitness - wellness equipment/accessories
  4. Encouraging fitness/wellness milestones by sporting activities
  5. Encouraging work-life balancing - family hours by activities

The above are just in abstract form. Each of them can be expanded as per your budget and creativity.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Bhuvana Anand

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