What Is Maximum Overtime Hours Permissible For Security Guards In Karnataka?

In Bangalore(Karnataka) what is the maximum overtime hours allowed to be worked by private security guards provided that they are paid double the normal hourly payment? In an organization; every guard on an average does 12 hours shift. 8 hours are considered normal and 4 hours are the overtime hours. This happens 6 days a week. So every month the security guards do 104 hours of overtime (26 * 4). They get paid for those 104 hours at double the billing rate. Is it compliant with the law. Can you please provide reference to any labour law clause that supports it?


Hi @Uday.g123

Usually security guards are contracted from an agency, until and unless a company needs them directly under their payroll, so majority of time they are contracted.

There is also a general practice of 12 hrs work for them, which is against the 8+1 hour shift.

At present, section 64 of the Act says OT hours “must not exceed 50 per quarter,” while section 65 allows for an additional 25 hours if there is excessive workload.

Also, as per Rule 79 of the Act, it is compulsory for every contractor to maintain a Register of Overtime in Form XXIII which will contain all details relating to overtime calculation, hours of extra work, name of employee, etc.

For reference: The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Karnataka Rules 1974