What is the process of blacklisting employees?

Hi Community,

What qualifies for an employee to be Blacklisted? What is the process of blacklisting and legal information?


Hi @Gowri

There’s no such mechanism globally other than some organisations coming together and sharing some platform for recruitment or etc.

You can internally blacklist and may refer to background agency as well for a record creation.


Hi Gowri,

Employment is a right to livelihood to a person provided by the Indian Constitution.

A forum or a community framed to blacklist a person from getting an employment elsewhere merely on certain grounds / allegations (such as absonding, fraud, misrepresentation, misconduct, etc.) may be challenged before the court of law on the aforementioned aspect i.e. violation of someone’s fundamental right to livelihood.

If an employee is proven guilty before the court of law on any grounds leaving no room for further appeal, there are certain companies that has notified the same through public advertisements to disclaim such persons from their company’s employment to protect their interests.

other than that to balance the convenience of employers, nowadays, the industry practices background verification, verification with previous employment, etc.

This situation can be handled only if the employers internally maintain a record about such employees and can adopt some mechanism as to what feedback it would like to give during the reference checks/verification calls, etc. about such employees.

Bhuvana Anand

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