12 Hours Work Shift Leave Policy


What could/should be the leave policy for employees with 12 hour work shifts?
Are there are any laws related to these?

PS - Employees who are currently working in 12 hour shifts are being given 3 weekly offs to comply with the 48 hour work week norms.

Also if any one could share a sample leave policy for the same, would help.

Thanks & Regards


Hi @VallariD

This is in line with the new work hours in discussion with 4 days work and 3 days off. Since being a new thing in INDIA might take sometime to come up with practical leave policies.

But for time being since 48 hours a week concept is in place, I believe the current policy should hold good.

But I read somewhere instead of 20=1 this should be changed to 30=1 so that employee do not take much leaves on top of 3 days week off.

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